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Read the rest of this entry. Natasha says that she'll ease her into it until she's feeling confident. No way, it's too embarrassing!' she tasha takes her daughter's hands into her own and gives her puppy eyes while asking again for her help. Gianna's unable to resist the puppy eyes and reluctantly agrees to help. Natasha Nice hurries over, greeting her.

Gianna then insists that she's self-conscious about her body. Gianna has a crush on him, right? Natasha then suggests that if she really wants to win anyone over, she should learn how to own being naked. Natasha says offhandedly that even if Gianna's her step-daughter, she's still one of her anna is still curious, then mentions that isn't this usually when Natasha's busy with her art class? She gasps as Natasha's hand brushes against her pussy, looking uncertain but also finally sold, caught up in the heat of the moment. Eventually, that intensity turns to hunger as she bites her lip and/or the end of her paintbrush and suggests more confident and provocative poses.

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Or maybe Gianna likes girls - that's okay, too, because the girls are definitely going to be all over Gianna with her newfound confidence! She turns away from Natasha, which gives Natasha a good look at her cute butt. Gianna is flustered, insisting that she's not having sex with anyone. Natasha draws nude people all the time! That'll help her feel sexy and confident. Natasha runs her hands along Gianna's naked body to get her into a pose that Natasha likes. Gianna, though hesitant, is intrigued and opens her legs. It's not so bad! Gianna is shocked, flustered as she hugs her body in an insecure way.