Een kenmerk dat een groot percentage van de eerste golf Indigos hebben, is leven met extreme ontberingen als kinderen, tieners en jonge volwassenen. You may call this an action to frighten me but it was no more than another murder attempt, I was just lucky it did not hit my car 10 centimeters lower (it would have if I had slowed down immediately in which case it could. At the moment my back is seriously

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damaged, a knack sound from my lower back is heard when bending. They are now invisible, staying in background, and have been replaced by agents lower in rank. I also got pictures of some of the real criminals. They have used lots of women to co-operate with them. They make a pigeon start cooing when you are cooked and/or burned.

2005, despite the still increasing terror against me I managed to recover my strength and found a way to deal with the gang stalking bastards. To many people these attacks will look unreal and caused by my imagination. More recent, the last 2-3 years my attackers also include crows. One thing they do is add women with specific nicknames. Then, you will just stare without looking and not even clearly think of certain things but just take a (mental) break. Barking dogs to react synchronized to cooking my body.

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When I change direction it may take 5 to 10 minutes for them to get behind me and start cooking my back/legs again (yes, the are back stabbers). When you start thinking, you stop doing what you and try to focus on finding a solution to a problem, approach, etc. They noticed my advance and often on further contact they just intercepted and took over the conversation. Once in a while I also was attacked with directed energy weapons (microwave, laser) but I was not worried about these attacks that time. The secret services networks have gotten totally out-of-control, normal almost random people are targeted and murdered, tortured to death, making Guantanamo Bay look like a holiday resort. Een groot percentage werd geplaatst in zulke afschuwelijke situaties als: georganiseerde criminaliteit, fysieke mishandeling, seksueel misbruik, en zelfs ritueel -en sekte misbruik en hersenspoeling. They also make a pigeon start cooing when I start talking and stop cooing when I stop talking. The only thing they can think of is saving themselves, preventing that they will be jailed for life. De meeste tieners zijn in de avonduren online omdat de meiden overdag vaak nog op school zitten.

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